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Up the Spiral!

Up the Spiral!

Up The Spiral

Here we are in 2013, and it is indeed the opening of a new chapter for humankind. We are truly a planetary civilization and we are just beginning to understand the next phase of our evolution as a race. Our interconnected digital media world that combines data, applications, networks and now all forms of media – text, imagery, animation, voice, sound, music and video – made interactive through hyperlinks, search and social media distribution…is without question evolving us. Now is the time to take conscious charge of our evolution!

As a communications professional and publisher involved in the 1980s digital media revolution, while also championing deep ecology, ecocities and the green economy movement through the ’90s, I have come to strongly believe that ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is vital to our ECO evolution as as a species. We have the means to make sense of the data and educate ourselves, realistically assess the problems, design and implement systemic solutions, engage in unprecedented forms of collaboration, and monitor our progress on all fronts. We are all – people, groups, institutions and empires – of necessity involved in building this next octave of our civilization. This work is the Great Work and we are being called to it by Nature itself.

For all the power the “many to many” reach of the Internet gives us, one on one communication is still key. So much of value starts with thoughtful conversations, and the information, ideas and stories that they convey. So I was enthusiastic when Matrix Media approached me to do a show, and enjoyed setting Eco Evolution in motion during the latter part of 2012, with a bevy of remarkable guests whose vision and good works are leading the shift.

I am honored to share these vital conversations with you. Thanks for tuning in. Looking forward to interacting on our journey up the spiral!

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